Product Description:

Clear adhesive that is used for attaching lightweight trim material such as upholstery cloth and trunk liners to metal and other surfaces. May be used to bond styrofoam. Ideal for position bonding applications where mechanical fasteners will be used.

From the Manufacturer


3M Spray Trim Adhesive builds strength rapidly to provide a fast, aggressive tack while having a long bonding range. The trim adhesive creates a secure bond on metal and other impervious surfaces, but it also provides low soak in on porous substrates. This spray adhesive is perfect for quickly fixing loose trim that starts to separate or for installing new material in an automotive restoration project.


3M Spray Trim Adhesive may be used to bond polystyrene in place. This product is the only trim adhesive we recommend for bonding styrene. Spray trim adhesive offers a number of convenience features. For starters, it comes in an easy-to-spray aerosol. Its low mist formulation means less overspray onto surrounding surfaces. It also offers a fast strength build-up that sets quickly, eliminating the need to hold materials in place for long.


Directions for Use:

  • Clean bonding surfaces to remove wax, oils, mold release agents, dust and any other contaminants.
  • Remove cover and turn nozzle to dot on the can rim.
  • Shake can well before each use and periodically during use.
  • Hold can 3 – 7 inches away from surface and apply a light to moderate coating of adhesive overlapping the spray pattern on each pass.
  • Apply adhesive to one or both surfaces as desired. Applying to both surfaces produces a much stronger bond and is recommended whenever possible.
  • Allow the product to dry between coats if multiple coats are needed to provide sufficient adhesive for bonding. It is better to apply multiple coats than to apply one heavy coat of product.
  • Allow the adhesive to dry until tacky but will not transfer when touched.
  • Bond surfaces using firm, uniform pressure.

3M Spry Trim Adhesive

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