Z-Grip is an advanced clog-free, lightweight body filler for today's high-tech metals. Formulated with ZNX-7 for superior adhesion to galvanized steel, bare steel and aluminum. Contains Hattonite for effortless sanding. Clog free formula for improved initial sanding with no sandpaper clogging.


Faster abrasive cutting, reducing labor costs. Excellent featheredge adhesion, eliminates peel back during sanding. Blue cream hardener included. Applications: Use for heavy filling and repair of body damaged panels.




  • METALWORKS product containing ZNX-7 for superior adhesion and feather-edging on corrosion treated metals, including hot dipped steel
  • Vacuum processed for increased shelf life and reduced pinholes
  • Creamy texture for smoother spreading

Evercoat 282 Z-Grip ( Case )

SKU: 100282-Case