A durable, long-lasting cream wax that enhances original color depth and brilliance. Ideal as a new car prep or routine maintenance. Excellent for all types of cured paint finishes. Contains silicones.



  • Backed by uncompromising quality and advanced technology
  • Made to comply with strict standards for safety and efficiency
  • Precise engineering ensures unsurpassed value


Evercoat® have a wide range of additional products which have been developed for the domestic and global body repair industry, including adhesives, spray filler, plastic repair and ancillary products. Evercoat began as Fibre-Glass Evercoat in 1953, when the first formulations were developed in Cincinnati and sold throughout the US, primarily to the marine market. Shortly after 1953, Evercoat recognized the need for good quality primers and fillers for the automotive aftermarket, and began marketing products designed for use on automotive body repair.

Evercoat Finish Wax

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