USC 10 Universal Urethane Clearcoat



Give your projects a great finish and gloss with the USC 10 Universal Urethane Clearcoat.


Why is clearcoat necessary?

Clearcoat can provide your vehicle with the enhanced durability and an excellent glossy finish for the ultimate buff look. The clearcoat on your vehicle provides excellent ultraviolet rays protection. Sun rays are the primary cause for paint fades. Once the clearcoat has been applied, you can easily buff the shallow surface defects on your automobiles without harm to the paint. Automobile painters believe that clearcoat ensures easy maintenance and repair work on your vehicle.


How to best apply clearcoat?

Clearcoat should be applied only after the color paint is down. You can apply two coats, the first coat to flash to hand-stick before applying second coat. You can even opt for wet-on-wet ‘limited flash’ application by allowing a 2-5 minute flash between coats. Adjust air pressure to HVLP 8 -10 psi and Conventional 50-60 psi.


About USC 10 Universal Urethane Clearcoat

The USC 10 Universal Urethane Clearcoat is a high solids clearcoat that is designed specifically for multi-panel and spot repairs. The characteristics of the clearcoat are that it provides excellent leveling, gloss, blending and buffing properties. It works well on air dry and force air dry environments. It flows out to a smooth and durable finish and provides excellent gloss. Clearcoat is available in one gallon cans with hardeners available in quart cans in 3 different speeds.


Mix Ratio:

  • Mix the one-gallon clearcoat with hardener in the ratio of 4:1
  • You can apply the clearcoat over basecoats or cured single stage enamels



Allow clearcoat to dry overnight, then scuff with 1000 grit and reapply clearcoat



  • Air Dry Times at 70°F
  • Dust Free: 15 minutes
  • To Deliver: 4-6 hours
  • Force Dry: 15 minutes @120°F surface temperature



After 24 hours of air dry, or cool down from force dry, you may sand with 1500 or finer grit paper if necessary. Buff with appropriate compound and always remember that it is easiest to buff if done within the first 48 hours of application.