Duraglas® Fiberglass Filled Filler.  Duraglas® body filler is the original fiberglass reinforced automotive body repair filler. Formulated with short-strand fiberglass fibers, Duraglas provides ultimate strength and durability on rust-outs, holes, tears and cracks.  Ideal for use on metal and fiberglass panels.


  • #1 Short-strand fiberglass filled body filler
  • Reinforced for superior strength
  • Use with fiberglass cloth for large repairs
  • Rustproof. Waterproof.



COLOR: Blue-green (as packaged)

MIX: 2% by weight (50:1 ratio) with supplied cream hardener.

SUBSTRATE: Metal. Aluminum. Fiberglass. Wood. Masonry. Concrete.

SUGGESTED USE: Rust repairs. Repair cracks and holes in fiberglass. Use on weld areas and bond seams for automotive and marine repairs.

TOP COAT: All-Metal (for a completely waterproof repair). Finishing Putty.

USC 24035 - Duraglass ( 1 Qt. )

SKU: 24035