Icing® Pourable Brushable Polyester Finishing Putty is the original, best selling polyester finishing putty that spreads smoothly, self levels, and dries to an exceptionally easy to sand finish. Icing provides great adhesion and is tack free and stain free.



Use for minor body work and surface imperfections (1/8" thick or less) such as sand scratches, chips, scratches and pinholes. Ideal for use as a finish coat over body filler.



● Metal ● Aluminum ● Fiberglass ● Body Filler ● Wood ● 2K Primers

● Aged, sanded OEM Topcoats ● Galvanized and other zinc-coated steel

● SMC – can be used for cosmetic repairs. For structural repairs prone to high degrees of stress and flexibility,

use an SMC repair product. For flexible plastics use PRO-FLEX™26037.

USC 26006 Icing ( Tube )

SKU: 26006